Since its creation in 1974, the American brand Bernie Mev has not ceased to evolve and gather fans of style and comfort. The collection is anchored in a philosophy of quality design, modern and comfortable. The hand-woven elastic rod is one piece, flexible and seamless.


Bernie Mev likes to make beautiful shoes. That's why for each new collection, Itamar and Rachel Carmi create new patterns and develop new models, new soles always more comfortable. The shape memory is the core of the collection with ultra light weight and EVA sole.


So far, Bernie Mev has been a huge success in the United States and Italy. You can now find the collection in selected stores in France. Do not hesitate to sign up to receive more information about the brand.

Most of us recognize the path of our dreams, but the first step is the most difficult. The road is long and arduous. Many avoid it completely. These courageous people who follow their path are released in the process. Their next step is clear.

In 2017, CCILU® Footwear unveils the "Horizon" series, a major step in the evolution of comfortable basketball. Each pair of CCILU® Horizon shoes is completely independent and very durable, it's CCILU® technology (rooted in our history of sneakers for the world's leading brands).