Our activities 

BBI Distributions has a global vision of the market and is aimed at all distribution networks, in order to establish a brand presence force at national and international level.

Large retail

The mission is to set up collections at our manufacturers, production monitoring and quality control and deadlines. Most of the volumes marketed come from Asia, with the best manufacturing sites (in collaboration with four factories that work in compliance with REACH social and environmental standards). Production areas may vary for quality and production distribution concerns.


Specialist in footwear for more than 10 years, BBI Distributions encompasses its expertise for all shoe styles: sportswear, fashion, comfort, kids ... Back office management includes logistics, production monitoring, orders, invoicing and restocking. To best meet the expectations of our customers, each season and each new collection, the marketing of brands is accompanied by appropriate marketing tools.


BBI Distributions acts as an interface between the brand and the marketplaces. From the most popular to the most specific, brands are presented to the most appropriate media. We constitute all stages of sales (billing, transportation, administrative and customs documents). For its marketplaces, BBI Distributions supports the storage and shipping of products.